Our systems

Patented advanced technologies that are environmentally friendly, reliable and high quality: that’s what Evapco Systems LMP, ULC is all about!

Our designers are concerned about the environment. That’s why all our refrigeration systems are designed to adhere to the latest efficiency standards.

Many companies operating in various business sectors can benefit from the savings that come with our refrigeration products:

  • In the industrial sector
  • In the agri-food industry
  • In commercial distribution
  • In refrigerated storage

Seek the expert advice of our team to obtain custom design processes that are perfectly adapted to your business. Why not take advantage of our latest technology?

Our objectives

We focus on perfection and energy savings on a daily basis. These objectives help us reach our goal:

  • Maintain our place at the forefront of new industrial refrigeration technologies
  • Design innovative, high-performance and customized products
  • Optimize the energy used
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Develop ambient air treatment systems
  • Respond to as many requests as possible, regardless of the country or sector.

Discover the difference Systems Evapco LMP can make for your business. Our customized solutions are designed to help you prosper!

Our customers

We provide the most energy-efficient customized cold production technology on the market, meeting the needs of a wide variety of customers:

  • Refrigeration contractors
  • Specialized refrigeration distributors
  • Consulting engineering firms
  • Food distributors

Whether it’s in the industrial sector or the warehousing sector, Systems Evapco LMP has the right solution to meet your exacting needs. Our flexibility enables us to produce both hybrid and totally clean systems.

Learn more about Evapco Systems LMP’s customized refrigeration solutions today!