Choose innovative refrigeration systems designed by Evapco Systems LMP, ULC ! Our product line is designed to meet a variety of needs.

Reap the benefits of the undeniable quality of our cutting-edge technologies, for all spaces and budgets:

  • Energy savings
  • Optimization of your commercial or industrial space
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Reduction of noise levels (ultra-quiet products)
  • Minimization of maintenance costs
  • Simplification of the system management process
  • Choice of control management
  • Temperature stabilization
  • Increased efficiency for your icing/de-icing operations

For commercial, industrial, ventilation or hydroponic greenhouse applications, place your trust in Systems Evapco LMP!

Our industries


Commercial : Our advanced and cost-effective technologies for refrigeration, heat recovery, design and engineering are suitable for all capacities and types of commercial installations.

  • Perfect for grocery stores or big box stores
  • Excellent refrigeration/heat recovery properties
  • Very good energy savings


Industrial : food producers benefit from the best refrigeration, heat recovery and air conditioning products. Perfect for anything that requires cold temperatures, Evapco Systems LMP, ULC ‘s industrial products satisfy your most exacting needs!

  • Suitable for food producers, food distributors or refrigerated storage facilities
  • Cools quickly and efficiently
  • Excellent air conditioning system


Hydroponic Greenhouses / Ventilation : The hydroponic greenhouse market is expanding and will soar following the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Evapco Systems LMP, ULC products are also suitable for all ventilation needs in other industries.

  • Also perfect for growing tomato plants
  • Suitable for all types of greenhouses
  • Very good energy savings


Ice Rinks : Evapco Systems LMP, ULC ‘s Crystal series is designed specifically for all types of iced surfaces. Crystal products are perfect for any new installation or for repairing an existing surface!

  • Low operating cost
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Minimal system maintenance

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