Our team provides support and expert advice throughout all the stages of your cold production processing projects.

With a reputation for quality that goes well beyond Canadian borders, our refrigeration systems come with performance standards that exceed market requirements. Entirely designed in Canada, our cutting edge technology will meet your needs.

Discover our services:
Refrigeration needs planning:

We quickly identify your needs and propose the most relevant system.

With our team, you will be sure to have the right product for the right application. We make it a point to get you involved in every step of the process. This ensures that the product delivered is the one you need.

To achieve this, we rely on the following:

  1. Understanding
  2. Design
  3. Proposal
  4. Elaboration
  5. Technical support
  6. Expertise
Cost evaluation:

We minimize future maintenance costs.

To minimize your operation and maintenance costs, we don’t only focus on the required equipment, we also consider all possible options:

  1. Heat reclaim
  2. Preheating of domestic water
  3. Ways to reduce your energy consumption
  4. Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to our patented technology
  5. Energy efficient and green systems
Custom-made design:

Customized solutions are our speciality.

We use a simple, yet effective process to customize the system to your needs:

  1. Know how to listen
  2. Understand the specific needs of each client
  3. Define the design with the client
  4. Adapt to the constraints of the client
  5. Design the system to meet the client’s needs
  6. Offer complete support in all departments
Turnkey projects:

We plan all the steps and execute them for you.

In order to simplify the work and reduce the number of intermediaries required, we can submit a turnkey project that provides several benefits:

  1. Only one company involved
  2. Personalized and complete service
  3. Thorough knowledge of the project
  4. Quick adaptation to changes
  5. Direct communication without intermediary
Refrigeration equipment sales:

Large selection, better price.

We offer a wide range of diversified technological products operating with natural refrigerants:

  1. Flexible products
  2. Custom-made manufacturing
  3. Innovative technology
  4. Systems built to meet your particular needs
Technical assistance:

We are at your disposal and ready to assist you.

We offer first-class support for engineering and technical issues. Indeed, we consider each of our clients as a collaborator and it is our responsibility to provide a superior service.

We have set up a multidisciplinary team to offer you the best service:

  1. A specialized engineering team (composed of engineers and technicians)
  2. Support from our specialized refrigeration technicians
  3. Support from our sales team
  4. Help for presentations to your clients (if needed)

We believe the success of your projects relies on the proper training of the contractors who will install and maintain our equipment. At Evapco Systems LMP, ULC our philosophy is simple: the more we improve the competence of our clients, the more we will be able to offer them an effective, adequate and reliable system.

Our training includes the following services:

  1. Trainers who are experienced technicians
  2. Comprehensive training, tailored to your needs
  3. Customized program
  4. Presentation of projects using Evapco Systems LMP, ULC technology
  5. Continued support after training
  6. Updating our trainings to achieve constant improvement

Our expertise

Count on the experience and expertise of Evapco Systems LMP, ULC to develop best practices in the refrigeration industry.

The Evapco Systems LMP, ULC promise is based on several fields of expertise. Our understanding of the current and future markets enables us to develop the best skills for your company:

  • Offer a wide variety of refrigerants.
  • Provide customized processes, adapted to your needs.
  • Perform all steps: design, manufacturing and product verification.
  • Design the best system, equipped with the best components.
  • Propose a variety of possible options.
  • Be flexible throughout the process to make life easier for our customers.
  • Develop sustainable and customized products.
  • Design alternative solutions, according to your needs.

Partner with a company that keeps abreast of cutting-edge technologies to make your investment profitable.

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