Yellowstone series

For all temperatures

The Yellowstone allows you to optimize your glycol pumping stations. This system is ideal for use with synthetic refrigerants for low or medium temperature applications.

The Yellowstone system improves and stabilizes your refrigeration system pressure during the condensation process, greatly improving the service life of your compressors and components. Save energy and money with this system, which minimizes the use of synthetic refrigerants.

Compatible with several refrigeration systems, the Yellowstone can address several requirements and enable you to get a higher return on your investment. Get in touch with our team today!

Ideal for projects such as

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Special projects

Capacities available

The Yellowstone is equipped with Scroll compressors and offers high cooling capability for your system:

From 10 to 300 tons


The Yellowstone is designed to maximize the capabilities of your refrigeration system giving you several benefits:

  • Up to 90% reduction of synthetic refrigerant use
  • Pressure level stability during condensation
  • Improved system service life
  • Improved defrost cycles efficiency
  • Better compressor management
  • Optimized temperature stability
  • Operation at temperatures above freezing point
  • Reduction of global warming potential


For your refrigeration needs, the Yellowstone offers an interesting solution. You can also customize the system to suit your needs with several options:

  • Liquid flow control using variable speed pump
  • Low viscosity refrigerant (ice slurry)
  • Minimum refrigerant quantity
  • Ability to recover the heat rejected by compressors through a secondary refrigerant loop.

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