Environmental subsidies for refrigeration systems

The environmental subsidies offered by the Ministry of Education (MEES) can be extremely beneficial to your firm’s profitability. They allow you to replace your existing refrigeration systems, which use synthetic refrigerants, with a less harmful alternative from a global warming standpoint.

You can update your system at a lower cost and take a more eco-friendly approach. A guaranteed win-win solution!

In its desire to comply with the requirements of the Montreal Protocol, the Government of Quebec is offering to finance the replacement of your refrigeration systems that use the many synthetic refrigerants on the market, such as CFCs, HCFCs or HFCs.

To encourage companies to make the change, the government has introduced a very accessible and advantageous subsidy program.

Whether for supermarkets, refrigerated warehouses, ice rinks or processing plants, this initiative can greatly help in transitioning to more eco-friendly solutions.

Eligibility criteria for subsidies for the replacement or modification of refrigeration systems

In order to be eligible for government subsidies, like the Eco-Performance program, you must make the transition to CO2. This program can reimburse up to 75% of eligible expenses.

Other government initiatives have also been introduced. For example, Hydro-Québec offers subsidy programs to businesses and industries that want to reduce their environmental footprint, particularly with regards to the use of refrigerants.

The concept is simple: the closer you are to 0 in your global warming potential (GWP), the more you are eligible for government subsidies.

Thanks to Evapco Systems LMP, ULC, you can achieve your greenhouse gas reduction objectives and qualify for several government programs. Our team can even help with the application process.

Evapco Systems LMP, ULC: equipment using refrigerants that comply with the new environmental standards

The refrigeration systems designed by Evapco Systems LMP, ULC are perfectly adapted to the existing environmental requirements.

Our Purity model is a good example of a CO2 system, which qualifies you for subsidies.

The Purity system is suitable for all your commercial and industrial refrigeration needs, whether they are conventional, energy recovery or advanced technology, such as glycol or refrigerant recirculation.

This type of system allows you to achieve 3 objectives:

  • Collaborate to support global efforts to address climate change
  • Respect the Kigali Amendment
  • Obtain grants to save money

Together, we will ensure that present and future generations benefit from it.

Whether for a new project or an upgrade, contact Evapco Systems LMP, ULC today. We will do our best to help you make the right choice!

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